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BlockDecode offers investors in the growing blockchain-based companies an independent and unbiased review of upcoming ICOs (Initial Coin Offering) that is obtained through thorough analytical research from a team of highly skilled and highly experienced researchers.

The blockchain technology is revolutionizing the way companies seek investment and makes it possible for anyone to become an investor and reap the benefits of the future success of said companies.

Investment in this relatively new market does not come without risk and sifting through the many ICOs that grow in number every day can be difficult and tiresome due to lack of reliability and transparency of the new projects, which poses a high risk for fraudulent schemes. Investors have to base their decisions on information obtained through the company’s website as well as various discussion forums and judging the validity of that information can often be difficult.

BlockDecode’s experience in the field coupled with its team’s skill in analyzing the different facets of past and upcoming ICOs has made it possible for us to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each project objectively based on its technical features, business model and team strength, all of which then gives us a more complete view of the project’s investment potential.

Our aim is to provide current and future investors with accurate and trustworthy information on which they can rely when making their decision regarding whether or not to participate in the ICO. This will help grow and stabilize the market as well as provide opportunities for both the investors and the entrepreneurs of this field.

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Providing strategic and technical assessments of upcoming ICOs based on thorough analytical research.

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Always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to ensure the best results for our readers.